Electric VAN and EV fast charger Station 40kWh

The electric fast charger 40kWh VAN and EV charging solutions,

Quick and reliable Charger for VAN, a modern solution for growing electric vehicle  EV charging needs specially for Electric minibus . With a powerful 40 KW output and 133A output current, it offers fast charging, perfect choice for homes and businesses. In addition to our collection for 50kwh also 30kwh solution.

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Electric VAN and EV fast  charger Station 40kWh

Quick EV charger 40kwh stands as a prime example of innovation, promising to transform the electric vehicle charging experience.

Electric VAN Charger Station 40kWh :

The Electric VAN Charger station 40Kwh is equipped with impressive specifications that enable seamless and efficient charging:

  • Output Power: Delivering a robust 40KW output, this charger ensures rapid and reliable charging for electric vans.
  • Input Voltage:  AC380V/480V, this charger accommodates various power sources.
  • Output Voltage:  200V to 750V (200V to 1000V optional), catering to a wide range of electric van models.
  • Input Current: The charger’s input current is set at 60A, allowing for efficient power transfer.
  • Output Current: Delivering a substantial 120A output current, this charger ensures swift charging sessions.
  • Gun QTY: 1 OR 2.

Advantages, Benefits and Charging Speeds

The Electric VAN Charger station 40kWh’s output power paves the way for rapid charging, significantly reducing the time required for electric vans to reach a full charge.

The Electric VAN Charger 40kWh propels us towards a future where efficient, sustainable transportation is within reach by Electric minibus .

In a world that hungers for innovative solutions, the Electric VAN Charger 40kWh stands tall, offering a glimpse into the promising future of electric vehicle charging.

A 40KW output power allows the Electric VAN Charger 40kWh to deliver high-speed charging sessions, catering to the fast-paced demands of modern electric vehicle users, as per needs 50kwh and 30kwh charging solution are also available.


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