Electric VAN and EV fast charger Slim 40kWh

The electric fast charger Slim 40kwh VAN and EV charging solutions,

Quick and reliable Charger for VAN and EV. A modern solution for growing electric vehicle  EV and VAN charging needs specially for Electric minibus .

The Electric VAN and EV Charger slim 40Kwh’s enhanced output power sets the stage for expedited charging, substantially diminishing the timeframe needed for electric vans to achieve a complete charge.

With a powerful 40 kWh output and 120A output current. It offers fast charging, perfect choice for small businesses.



Electric VAN and EV fast  charger Slim 40kWh

The Slim 40kWh fast VAN and EV charger stands as a paramount illustration of innovation. Poised to revolutionize the charging experience for electric vehicles (EVs) and electric vans.

Electric VAN Charger Slim 40Kwh :

The Electric VAN Charger, known as the Slim 40kWh. It boasts a remarkable array of specifications designed to facilitate a seamless and highly efficient charging process:

Advantages, Benefits and Charging Speeds:

The Electric VAN Charger Slim 40Kwh’s output power paves the way for rapid charging, significantly reducing the time required for electric vans to reach a full charge.

The Electric VAN Charger Slim 40Kwh propels us towards a future where efficient, sustainable transportation is within reach by Electric minibus .

Model OM 40750
Power 40KW
Input voltage AC 300 ~470V/480V optional
Frequency 45〜65HZ
Output voltage 200〜750V(200 – 1000V  optional)
Input Current 60A
Output current 120A
No. of guns 1 or 2
Charging way Quick or Slow charge automatic switch
charging mode SWIPE CARD , APP. MANUAL
Label length 5M
Network   connection Standard configuration: CAN/485/Ethernet   Selective configuration: GPRS/4G
Communication IP54
Size( mm) 900×270×1800
Weight 150kg
Temperature – 20℃〜+50℃
Operating Humidity 5% – 90%RH , non – condensing
Standard EN61851 – 1 , JEVSG 105
Protocol CHAdeMO 2 . 0/ DIN 70121 , OCPP 1 . 6 (JSON or SOAP ), ISO 15118
Altitude 2000M
Advertising screen 32 “outdoor advertising screen /WIFI control


A 40KW output power allows the Electric VAN and EV Charger Slim 40Kwh to deliver high-speed charging sessions. Catering to the fast-paced demands of modern electric vehicle users. As per needs 60kwh, 50kwh and 30kwh charging solution are also available.


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