Electric VAN and EV fast charger 40kWh Portable Multinetwork connection

Electric VAN and EV fast charger 40kWh – Portable Multinetwork connection

The Electric VAN and EV Fast Charger 40kWh Portable with Multinetwork connectivity is a cutting-edge response to the rising need for convenient and effective electric vehicle EV, VANs and minibuses charging. Its compact design and 30kWh capacity deliver a flexible and robust charging solution, actively promoting the shift towards sustainable transportation.



Electric VAN and EV fast charger 30kWh Portable Multinetwork connection

In today’s fast-paced world, the demand for electric vehicles (EVs), electric VAN and minibuses is on the rise, leading to a growing need for efficient, mobile and accessible fast charging solutions.

Discover the power of efficiency and charge your Electric Vehicle, VAN quickly and reliably with our 40 kW DC Portable and Multinetwork connection Fast Charger

Model OM4075 Portable Multinetwork connection
Output power 40KW
Input voltage 260-475V
Output voltage 200-750V
Input connection 3P+N+PE
Input current 64A
Output current 66A / 120A
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power factor > 0.99@rated voltage
Work efficiency 95%
Operating interface 4.3-inch color LCD display
Auxiliary source 12V(24V optional)
Size (mm) 635*295*500
Weight 60KG
Operating Temperature (-20 °C to 50°C)
Altitude 2000M
IP Level IP44
Applicable standard GB/T20234  /  EN62196  /  EN61851 – 23 , JEVSG 105 / CHADEMO
Communication protocol GBT27930 / CHADEMO 2.0 / DIN 70121,OCPP 1.6 (JSON ),ISO 15118


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