Electrical VAN & chassis electric from Omnicar GmbH

As a pioneer in sustainable transportation solutions, Omnicar GmbH introduces its cutting-edge Electric Chassis Cabin, boasting a substantial weight capacity of 7200kg. This innovative platform opens up a world of possibilities for second-stage adaptations, catering to diverse business needs.
Efficient Last-Mile Solutions: Transform the Electric Chassis Cabin into a delivery van, box truck, or refrigerated vehicle for efficient last-mile deliveries of goods, ensuring timely and eco-friendly transport.
the potential of your fleet with Omnicar GmbH’s Electric Chassis Cabin, revolutionizing your business operations while contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable future.
Versatility and Customization: The Electric Chassis Cabin serves as a versatile canvas for customization, allowing businesses to tailor adaptations according to their specific requirements. From delivery and logistics to specialized services, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

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