Electrical Minibus 7 meter 250km range up to 39 passenger

electricals minibus 7 meter

electricals minibus 7 meter with 127kwh batteries, airc conditions Value, Europeans components, 250 KM range performance, and air suspension inclinations functions, big capacity up to 37 Passenger, last technologie touche screen , rear view camera, 360 camera , digital rear mirror, integrated as a build in for all models




Electrical Minibus 7 meter

Introducing the 7-Meter Electrical Minibus Unparalleled Performance and Advanced Technology

We are thrilled to introduce our latest innovation in sustainable urban transportation from Omnicar Germany  the 7 meter Electrical Minibus. This cutting-edge vehicle is designed to revolutionize passenger travel with its exceptional features and advanced technology. With remarkable characteristics of this state-of-the-art minibus:

High-Capacity 127kWh Batteries: Our 7-meter Electrical Minibus is equipped with high-capacity 127kWh batteries, ensuring impressive performance and an extended range. With ample power, this minibus delivers a smooth and efficient driving experience, making it ideal for both urban and intercity travel.

Air Conditioning System: electrical Passenger AC reversible. Designed to maintain a pleasant cabin environment, this system ensures that passengers enjoy a comfortable ride regardless of the outside weather conditions.

Premium European Components: We Build our Electric Minibus using premium European components, guaranteeing reliability, durability, and exceptional performance. From the drivetrain to the interior features, every aspect is built to meet the highest standards of quality.

Range Performance: With a remarkable range of 250 kilometers or More regarding the circuite, our electrical minibus empowers you to cover long distances with ease, making Perfect choice for  city commuting and short intercity trips.

Air Suspension with Inclination Functions: Our minibus is equipped with an advanced air suspension system that enhances ride comfort and stability. The inclusion of inclination functions allows for easy boarding and disembarking, catering to passengers with diverse mobility needs.

Spacious Seating Capacity: Offering ample space for up to 37 passengers, our minibus is perfect for group transportation, shuttle services, and other large-scale transit requirements. Passengers can travel together comfortably and enjoy a smooth journey.

Cutting-Edge Touch Screen Technology: Embracing the latest technological advancements, our minibus comes with an intuitive touch-screen infotainment system. Passengers can access entertainment options, real-time travel information, and more, while drivers benefit from navigation and vehicle management tools.

Advanced Safety Features: Safety remains a top priority in our design, which is why our minibus is equipped with advanced safety features, including rear-view cameras, a 360-degree camera system, and digital rear mirrors. These enhancements provide drivers with optimal visibility and improve overall road safety.environment and support sustainable transportation solutions.

Versatile Configurations: Understanding the diverse needs of our customers, our minibus offers customizable interior configurations and optional amenities, ensuring a tailored solution for any transit scenario.

look to to our product like 8.5 meter electrical bus and the 6 meter electrical minibus. all our Busses including The 7 meter Electrical Minibus sets a new standard in eco-friendly and efficient urban transportation. With its powerful batteries, spacious capacity, advanced technology, and focus on passenger comfort and safety, it represents the future of mobility.

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